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Aaahhh, Going Stir Crazy ...

With the World pressing pause because of Covid-19 we've all had to pull back from our daily lives in our personal worlds that surround us ... so how has that affected you?

Do you still have to go to work? Have you been put on furlough? Do you know someone who has become sick with Covid-19? Have you been staying home and trying to stay safe? Is the pause button a good thing for you or are you going crazy with cabin fever feeling trapped at home?

How have you been dealing with all of it?

Well, for me having been home bound since March 16th, 2020 it has been a constructive and busying isolation. Of course, the first few days I just took as regular days off from work. Then, when it did sink into my head that I wasn't going anywhere and that should keep my butt at home, I thought "WTF" am I gonna do now?!

So, I started out by doing some really deep cleaning at home. Attacking my bathrooms, vacuuming every single room from top to bottom, dusting (I HATE DUSTING, Lol), moving the stove and fridge to clean behind those too, I even washed the inside of the dishwasher and some windows. My cleanest house ever!

Ok, you can only clean the house so many times before it starts to smell like a janitor's broom closet with all the chemicals, scents and bubbles filling the air. "What are you gonna do now, Al?" A good thought to myself with a wide net of possibility, that lead to closets examination and yielded a lot of good #QuaratineFinds which I posted on my social medias.

Here is a rainbow #InfinityLight that my dear friend Connie Kick, a fellow tarot reader at, she gave it to me for my birthday one year and I never did hang it up before. But now with 'time' on my hands I washed it and hung it in my #BatmanRoom. Once I did that I got to thinking that the Batman room needed a lot more attention. I hung some posters and wall art, unpacked some boxes of my trinkets and put my favorite superhero's shrine together.

In this picture you can also see my bust of #David, #Michelangelo's famous sculpture, wearing all the #MardiGras beads I've collected over the years. And 'no' I didn't have to 'do' anything for any of them. Lol

To cut to the chase I have been doing all sorts of these kind of things to keep me busy but more to the point to keep me happy during this difficult time of world turmoil. What have you been doing for yourself during this time? I'd like to hear about it, so please share your adventures right here in the comments section below. Happy Blessings Everyone!

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