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You're Not Okay ... I'm Not Okay ... and that's Okay!

Most of the time no matter what is going on in our lives, we put on a happy face. We tell ourselves and the rest of the world that everything is okay. But the truth of the matter is; we are all freaking out and we have no clue what to do next in our lives.

When I'm at home I feel like crying, I wanna scream, I have the urge to throw and break things is so hard and heavy. I just wanna POP! And I bet you feel the same way.

How are you dealing with the crazy that is going on in the world today? Do you feel good? Do you feel bad? Do you feel free? Do you feel like you're in a constant lock-down?

And how are you dealing with all those feelings; both to the good and the bad?

It is not always easy to work through our feelings, especially when we don't know how we feel. We all have the the human right to feel good about ourselves and this post is my way to help you remember that you are not alone. We all go through the roller coaster of life and right now this trip is a doozy.

So, I invite you to use the 'Chat' feature and reach out to say "HI" or just pop in to get something off your chest or give yourself a chance to vent.

Better yet buy a reading to help you deal with some of the questions you have. Check out the #BuyAReading page: I am looking forward to building our relationships, so we can all find our collective peace of mind.

Happy Blessings Kids and Keep Your Head Up!

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