Albert R. Juarez

Racine, Wisconsin 53402

Phone: (262) 880 - 6642


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 A Little Backstory ...

Hi, my name is Al Juarez and I am an Intuitive Card Reader!

("HI AL!" ~ I just love support groups, Lol)

I read Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle cards for people who are looking for answers to life's questions; both big and small, certainly fun and serious, along with everything else in between. I've been running my business for over 20 years and I've served well over 1000 people to date.

One of the best pieces of praise I've received from a client, Danny S. was: "I've had a few readings from Al. He is a really nice guy. He does an awesome job of making sure that you get everything answered that you're looking for without feeling rushed. Definitely going to him in the future." Helping people to make solid decisions about their questions, concerns and lives, like that, makes me so proud of my work and drives me in everything I do. If you're looking for ways to move forward through your life's hurdles and find your own peace of mind, I'd love to work with you too! 

I've got just over 5 years of strict tarot class study under my belt with my tarot mentor Theresa Reed, along with 4 advanced tarot conferences completed with certification in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the Reader's Studio run by the Tarot School in New York City; with the 2019 conference already on the books, because you never stop learning. (I'm so excited!) I've also worked with some big corporate companies on their annual employee parties, namely Ernst & Young, Boston Store and the YWCA of Racine, Wisconsin; also Arrowhead High School in Merton, Wisconsin for 8 years on their annual Senior's Overnight Parties. I can't forget about working with Milwaukee's Bastille Days Festival, 4 different psychic fairs, plenty of private home parties.

When I'm not reading cards for my clients, answering emails, returning phone calls, writing blog posts or recording my daily Today's Tarot videos for my website, I can be found listening to music (Dead or Alive, Prince, Cher and Industrial Music, just some favs) or reading vampire fiction (some Anne Rice anyone?) or watching horror movies (Michael, Jason & Freddy, my bffs) or fawning over my Batman collection (comic books, action figures, wall art and animated movies) or going dancing at the best club ever on Friday nights at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If you're dying to know more (and I know you are, Lol) here are 3 things most people don't know about me: I am absolutely terrified of sharks, even though I've never seen one up close (damn you Jaws); crayons and coloring books are my safe warm happy place and sometimes I am afraid of the dark.

So, are you ready to work together? Good, then click on the Book A Reading now and let's get to work.

Thank You for Your Support,

Happy Blessings,

Al Juarez