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Constant Changes ...

Well, once again another month flies by and still no AL'S TAROT to speak of. What The Applejack Fudge, Man?!

Okay, okay, okay ... as they say, " but what had happened was ... "; the month of May brought in a lot of changes for both Albert R Juarez and his tarot business. So, this is how it all went down ...

Some of you may know that in early May 2023 I went to the 2nd Annual #TIDE Conference, 'The International Divination Event', owned and operated by #MichelleWelch and #RogerWelch of #SoulTopia which is held in Dallas, Texas.

The conference is an amazing, well executed, and immersive dive into the great wide world of divination. I went to the conference with my friend #ConnieKick of #KickinItTarotStyle was a #FeaturedSpeaker teaching a class and I went to support her.

So, Connie and I decide to drive to Texas from Wisconsin and on the way we would stop and spend the night at her parents #LeoandLuise house on the way down south and on the way back up north.

Leo and Luise are very sweet people who live in Arkansas on some acreage with a small lake on property and they took me " snake hunting " in their Kubota off road vehicle. The ride was for about an hour, because we also took two stops to feed the turtles in the lake some bread.

I did see one snake but it got away before Leo could get it!

The conference, the sleepovers and the drive to and from was so much fun, Connie is a great friend.

Toward the middle of May, an opportunity popped up that I could not let go by. My friend #Antonio told me that the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles was doing some hiring for new employees to work at the #DMV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So, I applied for one of the positions and I got the job. My first day on the job is June 5th. I don't know what to expect but I am excited for the opportunity and where it will go moving forward.

And lastly, I put in my two weeks notice of resignation with Spectrum. Working for the Charter Company was a big learning experience, not only did I learn about the telecommunications game; but I also learned a lot about myself. All of those lessons I will keep with me.

I am also gonna miss the friends I made there with my co-workers and manager. I Will Keep In Touch!

It is the very last day of May 2023. Tomorrow is June 1st, 2023; it is my 53rd birthday. It is going to be a good one!

One more thing before you go, make sure you check back everyday in June for #TheZodiacReadings and my daily card pulls. I 💜 You Kids!

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