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Missing In Action ...

You might have noticed that THE BLOG has not been active over the last month or two. No daily posts or videos or readings; not even so much as a peep (icky Easter candy), Lol.

Which might leave you to wonder " What The Applejack Fudge " is going on with Al and Al's Tarot?

Not to worry Kids. All is well here at AL'S TAROT. As a matter of fact, I have been gearing up for the March and April shows I was invited to be a part of and it was all so much fun. Also, THANK YOU to everyone who gave me the opportunity to read cards for them. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.

Next on the to do list is to get ready for T.I.D.E - The International Divination Event held in Dallas, Texas which is directed by #MichelleWelch and #RogerWelch of They are an amazing couple who own and operate a Metaphysical Empire of retail stores and now they have added 3 live conferences to their kingdom. RS24 NYC - Yeah I Said It! 💙

In May 2022 I was invited to be a Featured Speaker so that I could instruct a session on TAROT TIME: Tell Me Cuando! learning the formula of telling time frames in your tarot readings. The class was a big success, so I was invited to teach it again later that year in October to another full house. Great Times! This year my dear friend #ConnieKick of is teaching an embodiment class with tarot cards. I've caught a glimpse of the lesson and it is so good. Connie is a Visionary.

After that, it is time to kick up your heels for the #CanCanDance during #BastilleDays; the largest French street festival in the United States in July from the13th - 16th, 2023, right in the heart of downtown #Milwaukee, #Wisconsin.

Connie and I run the #LadyValaFortuneTellers tent together, where we manage a team of up to 20 Readers with a wide variety of talents ranging from Card Readers, Mediums, Psychics, Crystal Healers, Palmistry, Animal Communicators, Charm Casters and the like. The availability of certain talents do vary according to which readers we have working the tent at any given time during the four-day event. I am so excited!

So, now you know what has kept me busy over the last couple months and what's coming up next as 2023 rolls out. I plan to have my daily video readings come back on track, I'm working toward elevating my services and offerings for Al's Tarot while pumping away at my online presence to reach more people. I love my work so much. Thank You

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